Making Memories With Grammie…

I love spending time with my grandchildren. Making memories with them has become one of my highest priorities. These sweet little people are miniature versions of my daughters.

Some of the fondest memories I have of my childhood were made in the kitchen with my Grandma. We would bake cookies, cakes and all different delicious treats. I am pretty sure my Grandmother is the one who instilled a love of baking deep within my soul. I feel the most comfortable and at home while cooking or baking in my kitchen. These are the memories I am trying to create with my grandchildren as well.

My grandson, Gabriel, loves to help Grammie in the kitchen when I visit. I let him do the easy things (he’s only 4) and always praise his efforts. During one of my recent trips to visit we made “sparkle cookies”. This sweet boy was insistent that he wanted sparkle cookies, so this grammie was going to give him just what he wanted! I found these adorable sparkly unicorn chips at Target.

Gabriel and I spent the morning of Halloween baking these amazing sparkle cookies and we had the best time. From adding the eggs, to stirring in the chips my sweet grandson was all in! We made these huge cookies and then rolled them in sprinkles. Nothing warms a Grandmas heart more than bringing joy to her sweet grandchild heart. Gabriel was so happy. Grammie was so happy.

These precious moments with my grandchildren will only last but a fleeting moment. Soon these babes will be grown and probably not want to bake with Grammie anymore. As long as they are young and have the desire, Grammie will continue to make treasured memories in the kitchen with them.