Life is short. Life is precious. We hear those two phrases all the time, usually from people who have no idea exactly what they are talking about. Seldom do we actually hear those words from someone who personally survived a near death experience. I survived.

2018 I fell in love with my best friend, the only person who will always be there for me, the one person who walks side by side with me every single day. Myself. My journey of self love began when I read a book I had on my shelf for almost six months, Girl, Wash Your Face- by Rachel Hollis. Life changing for me.

I think you have to be ready to make a change in your life before you can truly move forward from past hurts, habits and hangups. I was ready. I submerged myself in all the motivational and self help books I could find. My perspective and outlook changed dramatically in 2018.

In 2017 my oldest daughter moved to the East Coast with her husband. We have always been close, even living two states apart we never went more than a couple months without seeing each other and we talk everyday. This was not only hard for myself, but also her sister who she is extremely close to as well. I had never visited the East Coast and was looking forward to the new experience. So, Christmas 2018, after 22 months of not seeing my oldest daughter I flew back east to visit.

I have always had a fear of flying. The first time I flew was when I was 7. My parents took me to Disneyland and the flight was less than an hour long. It was amazing, and I remember I got these cool little wings from the flight attendant. Nothing happened on that flight, but it would be 30 years before I would fly again.

My daughter and I had an amazing time along with her husband. We visited several states and I was able to check things off my bucket list. My son in law was awesome, planned an entire day in New York so that I could see as many things as possible. New York City Macy’s was at the top of my list.

As a little girl I would watch Miracle on 34th Street and dream of visiting this fabulous department store. I must say, the NYC Macy’s did not disappoint, it is so large you could get lost inside. Visiting at Christmas was an absolute dream come true.

New Years Eve 2018 our visit had come to an end. We woke up early and headed to the airport. I had a 7am flight back to the West Coast and plans for my New Years Eve. The sunrise that morning was like nothing I had ever seen in my life. The sun rising above the river looked like a glimmering ball of gold. Everyone in the airport and on the plane was talking about how magnificent this sunrise was.

Seated on the plane I felt an unfamiliar peace. I was not anxious, I was grateful. The girl who sat next to me was 15 and from Seattle. We talked about everything we experienced from our vacations. As the plane began to take off, I sat looking out the window at the amazing sun over the river. With a grateful heart and feeling so much peace I began to thank God for such an amazing vacation and that I was able to spend so much quality time with my East Coast kids…

To be continued…

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